1. Sunday hiking in the mountains surrounded by so many beautiful autumn colors

  2. Got up at 6am for work and when I got there they all gave me a confused look. I wondered if I was even supposed to work today, I’d written it in my calendar, but maybe I was wrong. I asked my boss and he checked my list and luckily, he was the one who’d mixed up the dates, not me! So yeah, after 15 minutes at work today I went back home to do.. Well, not much, but I’m still awake! At least I got to see this beautiful morning sun.

  5. Late nights around a bonfire with friends is really something special

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  7. Had breakfast with this cutie today!

  10. Spent way to many hours the other day just walking around looking for our sheep, soaking wet and freezing in the fog and the pouring rain. We found 14 of them, only 86 to go, yay.. But it was still beautiful even though I didn’t notice it until I had a look through the pictures!